Best agency category


Does your agency successfully sale property to Russian speaking clients?

Take part in Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2018 to get an official recognition from professionals and receive competitive advantage for your work with clients! 


What should you know about the Awards:

  • Applying is free of charge
  • Organizational fee is paid only by finalists
  • All finalists get their awards


Five steps to prize of Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2018

  1. Register on the Awards website
  2. Choose nomination and fill in on-line form of application
  3. Prepare presentation of agency for Jury members
  4. Wait for the Jury’s decision. If your agency is well-qualified for the final, pay the organizational fee.
  5. Visit Official Awards Ceremony and get your prizes.





Questions about Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2018


Which awards get winners?

All agencies-finalists get award “Recommended agency in its country in submitted nomination”. For example, “Recommended real estate agency in Cyprus”.

Agencies – winners of nominations get award “Best agency in its nomination”. For example, “Best real estate agency”.

Award includes prize, diploma and official logo.


Which agencies can take part in the Awards?

Any real estate agency or consulting agency can do if responds to the following requirements:

  • Officially registered abroad of the Russian Federation and having an office in the country of registration;
  • Work on real estate market minimum for 3 years;
  • Have Russian version of website and as minimum 1 Russian speaking employee in the staff;
  • Have all necessary licenses and certificates (obligate for real estate agencies).


Who is included in the Jury board?

Jury board consists of well-established professionals of Russian overseas property market which are heads of real estate agencies and marketing experts.

See the Jury board


In which nominations will prizes be rewarded?

In “Best agency” category you can apply in one of two nominations:

- Best real estate agency

- Best consulting agency

Only one agency can become the winner of nomination. Jury’s decision will be announced on the Official Awards Ceremony.


How many agencies will be qualified for final of the Awards?

Maximum 10 agencies from one nomination can become finalists of the Awards.


Which is the amount of organizational fee and what does it include?

Organizational fee is paid only by finalists of the Awards and it costs 1200 Euro. It includes:

  • Prize, diploma and logo of Awards finalist;
  • 2 tickets to the Official Awards Ceremony;
  • 1 page in official catalogue of the Awards;
  • Personal page in “Winners” section on the official website of the Awards;
  • Participation in promo activities from the Organizer of the Awards.


Is it necessary to visit the Official Awards Ceremony?

No, it’s not necessary. In this case your award will be send to you by post. But the Ceremony is not only rewarding procedure but also a good opportunity to meet your colleagues from Russia and other countries in informal setting, establish new useful contacts. Moreover it’s a beautiful event.

2 tickets to the Ceremony are included to the organizational fee.