About awards

Benefits to participants

Homes Overseas Russian Awards is the sign of quality which confirms high level of project or company. Recognition of achievements by the independent professional community gives the considerable competitive advantage and contributes to increase confidence to the company and to the project on Russian and global market.

Homes Overseas Russian Awards has its own and partners’ information platforms which widely cover the award process and its winners. This is a strong marketing tool to create the interest from Russian speaking clients and potential partners.

Terms of participation

You can make the application for participation on the Award official web-site free of charge.

Who can participate in the Awards:

  • Foreign residential and commercial development
  • Foreign real estate agency
  • Website of foreign development, developer or real estate agency

For foreign development - you can submit maximum 1 project in one nomination, and the project can be submitted to maximum 5 nominations at the same time

For real estate agencies and websites – you can submit one application only in one nomination.
If jury selects your project or company as the nominee, you should pay the standard organizing fee for further participation:

  • For projects – 1700 Euro for every nomination.
  • For real estate agencies –1200 Euro for the nomination.
  • For websites – 150 Euro for the nomination.

Who can participate in the Awards:

  • Residential and commercial developments situated outside of Russian Federation, which are on sale during the Awards period and which have necessary licenses and approvals;
  • Real estate agencies which are registered and have an office outside of Russia, which have necessary licenses and certificates and working with Russian speaking buyers;
  • Websites of foreign developments, developers and real estate agencies.

Who can apply:

  • For “Best project” category – developer of the project, its representative in Russia or real estate agency authorized by the developer;
  • For “Best real estate agency” category – real estate agency officially registered abroad;
  • For “Best website” category – company which is the owner of the website and presented on it.

Participants get opportunities without any risks

Participants have not reputation risks as the projects or agencies which does not become nominees do not announce. No one except of organizers and jury members will know what they have been applied.

Participants have not finance risks as they can apply free of charge and only nominees should pay organizing fee.

Each nominee in “Best project” and “Best real estate agency” categories gets with a guaranty:

  • One of three Award prizes (Gold, Silver or Bronze)
  • Certificate of the Award’s winner
  • Official logo of the winner
  • Information about the project in the catalogue and on the Awards official web-site
  • Tickets to the ceremony of the Award

Each nominee in “Best website” category gets with a guaranty:

  • Certificate of the Award’s winner
  • Official logo of the website-winner
  • Information in the catalogue and on the Awards official web-site

How to apply

You can apply on the Awards web-site. Organizers should check application and inform participant in case of incomplete information which need in revision. If application is in accordance with the Rules of Awards it should be pass to Jury members after Organizers confirmation.

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Awards Rules