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Excluzival Group


About agency

Web-site: http://www.excluzival.ru, www.эксклюзивал.рф

Phone: +74992724916

Email: info@excluzival.ru

Trade name of the company: Excluzival Group

Number of offices in the country: 4

Types of core business:


Excluzival Group is a group of companies which realizes large activity in Turkey connected with real estate, yachts and tourism. Excluzival group is a team of professionals working on real estate market of Turkey for many years.
At this moment the company is investor of buiding developments, coinvestor and partner of famous Turkish developers, and as well works as a real estate agency with huge database of residential and commercial properties in such regions of Turkey as Bodrum, Antalia, Istanbul, Izmir, Didim, Marmaris and others.