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Crown Consulting GmbH


About agency

Web-site: http://crownconsulting.at/ru/

Phone: +436645445313

Email: office@crownconsulting.at

Number of offices in the country: 1

Types of core business:
  • Legal advise or financial consultancies
  • Assistance in mortgage loan arrangements
  • Assistance in residence permit or citizenship arrengements
  • Location of client's property
  • Developer services
  • Individual project development and construction of property units


Austrian company "Crown consulting" provides with a wide range of services for selection of refidential and commercial property, mortgage loan of private property and investment projects, gives consultings about investments in Austria, ans assists to get a residential permit or to arrange the immigration and other related questions. All employees of the company speak Russian, German and English. Crown cosulting helps to find property in Vienna which has 23 regions and in all departments of Austrian republic as Lower Austria, Styria, Tirol, Bourgenland, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Carinthia, Vorarlberg.