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About agency

Web-site: http://demgroup.ru

Phone: +74957676452, +492119350304

Email: info@demgroup.ru

Trade name of the company: DEM GROUP GmbH

Number of offices in the country: 2

Types of core business:
  • Opening of companies and registration of legal entity
  • Assistance in mortgage loan arrangements
  • Assistance in residence permit or citizenship arrengements
  • Client's property management
  • Location of client's property


Dem Group company is specializes in sale of property in Germany.
The head office of company is situated in Dusseldorf (Germany). The company has representative offices in Moscow and St.Petersbourg (Russia), Almaty (Kazashstan).
We provide for you with such services:
- apartments for investement from 25 000 euro with rental income from 10%.
- apartments by auction and foreclosure sale at price lower on 30% than market value as the best value for money just for resale;
- beautiful apartments and private houses for personal use;
- land parcels for construction;
- aparts house with leaseholders, commercial property and other types of business in Germany with income from 12%!
Dem Group provides with full service for purchasing of property in Germany: from selection of proposals till formalisation of sale and purchase procedure and getting documents of title deed. After the purchase we execute professional management of your property. Moreover, we are ready to provide with related services as assistance in mortgage loan in Germany bank, composition of account in the bank, registration of company in Germany, residential permit.