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ACT MaltaVIP Ltd


About agency

Web-site: http://www.maltavip.eu, www.maltavip.ru, www.passportmalta.ru

Phone: +356 2137867; +356 99999097

Email: alisa@maltavip.eu

Number of offices in the country: 1

Types of core business:
  • Legal advise or financial consultancies
  • Assistance in residence permit or citizenship arrengements


ACT MaltaVIP Limited was set up by merging the professional expertise of ACT Advisory Services Limited, which is one of the leading Maltese consultancy firms on the island, the largest database of immovable properties of Frank Salt Real Estate Agency and MaltaVIP Ltd’s 10 years’ experience in dealing with private and corporate clients from CIS countries.
Our main aim is to always provide our esteemed clients with impeccable professional services related to:
• various immigration programmes available in Malta, including, but not limited to, the Malta Individual Investor Programme, which targets ultra-high net worth individuals who are interested in acquiring Maltese citizenship through investment;
• acquisition of immovable property in Malta;
• a number of residency programmes; and
• setting up of Maltese registered companies and assisting with their compliance with the relevant authorities, namely tax and VAT.