An award,
you can be proud of!
At April 20th, best developments, agencies and web-sites has been awarded

Homes Overseas Russian Awards

Homes Overseas Russian Awards is the first and the only one overseas property awards in Russia. This is a competition field for the best residential and commercial developments represented on Russian market as well as for the best foreign real estate agencies. The winners get Gold, Silver or Bronze awards which confirm high level of development and company and contribute to their promotion for Russian speaking buyers all over the world.
For the first time the Awards was held in 2010 by Homes Overseas magazine, and it was recommenced in 2016 by internet-portal Due to the success of the Awards’2016 the organizer took a decision to hold it annually.

You can trust to the Awards because all participants are on the same boat. The jury members are the market professionals with long-term experience and the representatives of specialized media and marketing companies. The rules of the Award and the order of jury work are published with open access on the web-site. Voting procedure is open and has easy access for participants and mass media representatives.

Homes Overseas Russian Awards is the label of quality which confirms the high level of the project or real estate agency. Recognition of achievements by the independent professional community gives the considerable competitive advantage and contributes to increase the confidence to the company and to the project on Russian and global market.

History of Awards

History of awards

Homes Overseas Russian Awards was held for the first time in 2010, its organizer became the magazine of the same name. The success of the Award exceeded all expectations: more than 250 applications were received, and on the final ceremony in Marriott Grand Hotel 37 projects from 16 countries got their prizes.

Following to the reorganization of the magazine Homes Overseas into internet-portal, the holding of the Award was temporarily suspended for some years. During this time many worthy projects were launched into the market. That’s why we made a decision to renew the Award since 2016.

Stages of awards

Oct 28, 2016 – Mar 7, 2017
Participants apply on the official web-site of the Award
Mar 8 – Mar 15, 2017
Jury selects the best applications (nominees) in each nomination
Mar 16 – Mar 25, 2017
Nominees confirm further participation and prepare the presentations
Mar 26 – Apr 7, 2017
Jury examines nominees’ presentations and adjudge the awards
20st April, 2017
The official Award Сeremony
and gala-dinner in Soglasie Hall, Moscow

Requirements for participants and projects

Which applications can be submitted

• For “Best project” category – residential and commercial developments situated outside of Russian Federation, which are on sale during the Awards period and which have necessary licenses and approvals;

• For “Best real estate agency” category – company which are registered and have an office outside of Russia, which have necessary licenses and certificates and working with Russian speaking buyers;

• For “Best website” category – websites of foreign developments, developers and real estate agencies.

Who can apply

• For “Best project” category – developer of the project, its representative in Russia or real estate agency authorized by the developer;

• For “Best real estate agency” category – real estate agency officially registered abroad;

• For “Best website” category – company which is the owner of the website and presented on it.

Application campaign is closed.